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Well, as I said in my last journal, I've been feeling very under the weather for pretty much the whole past week, as I believe I caught the flu at the race track (either from my father, or from somebody else there). It's been a pretty rough week, as I've been able to keep my fluids down, but not able to eat very much or get very much exercise at all. But just a couple of days ago I went to to the doctor, and I was prescribed some steroids (as well as another medicine) to take in the hopes of getting rid of my illness. While I'm not fully better...I feel a lot better than I have for most of the past week; and I think I'll be all better again soon! Can't wait to get off the steroids because although I know they're supposed to help, I absolutely HATE the way they taste! Hopefully, I should be able to get back to writing the last chapter of "Puppy Problems" soon...I honestly can't believe that story still isn't finished considered it's not a complex or challenging story by any means! Shows how out of it I am in my writing...Oh well, as soon I have the last chapter finished and proofread, I'll have it up here!

In the meantime...I know it's a day early, but I would like to wish all of my friends a happy Easter...or as I sometimes jokingly call it, Happy Egg Day :D It's the time of the year in which we are supposed to remember the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion...or in modern day times, the time of the year in which we celebrate an imaginary magical being known as the Easter Bunny who leaves baskets full of colorful eggs, toys, candy, etc. for good little children (it just wouldn't be a holiday if over-commercialization didn't take it over, would it? :D) I remember when I was younger I used to help color Easter Eggs all the time before Easter...though that was such a long time ago; it's been probably fourteen or fifteen years or so since my family last colored eggs! Anyways, Easter is a time of the year which a lot of people will be spending with their families; and I myself, like I'm sure some of you no doubt will be, shall be doing exactly that this year (I still live with my parents anyways; so it would be kind of hard NOT to spend time with them!). Anyways, hope all of you have a happy Easter!
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Bryan E.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
A few little random factoids about me:
Birthday: April 1, 1992 (I really AM an April Fool's Day joke!)
Birthplace: Oakland Naval Hospital, Oakland, CA (I just looked it up and it no longer exists. Huh.)
Hometown: Visalia, CA
Current residence: Somewhereland, SC (will not reveal real town name)
Where would I ideally like to live: Somewhere in Virginia (I've been through there before. Some really beautiful country there! What can I say, I'm a fool for the country (sorry Foghat))

I am a mysterious enigma of the Internet...

I am a strange human being indeed. My three main interests are cartoons, classic rock, and motorsports. I told you I was weird.

I'm a semi-accomplished writer. Still trying to work on getting better...

Just one note: Although I appreciate positive feedback on my stories, please, do not request me to write anything for you. Due to my past experience with requests, I do NOT accept them under any circumstances. I MAY take ideas and suggestions to be used WITHIN stories, but if you request me to write a specific story for you, I will say no, no matter how nicely you ask me to do it for you. Really, I feel more comfortable writing what I want to write over what other people might want me to write. I am also willing to accept constructive criticism of my stories, but any and all flames of my stories will be removed. I really do not wish to read those.

Also I'm named after...Bryan Adams. I feel ashamed...

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