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The complete Pokedex (or in the case of this game, the "Illustrated Handbook of PET") from the hilariously awfully translated bootleg version of the original Pokemon Green that I have discussed before on here (and actually made a couple of videos about a while ago):

All hail this wonderful bootleg and its' masterful usage of Engrish! :XD: :lmao:
...Don't you just hate it when you're working on something, and then your computer promptly blue screens on you before you can save it, causing you to lose everything?
The other day at Wal-Mart, I saw an Election Day card that featured Donald Trump's hair...and the phrase "WE SHALL OVERCOMB".

That should TOTALLY be his campaign slogan. :lmao:
If only I had any actual artistic talent...I have LITTLE doubt that I would have a lot more people interested in my characters and story ideas. It's no wonder it's such a bummer that I don't...Not exactly an easy road being a writer on a website dedicated to artwork!
Give Us a Wink by GoodCaptainClack
Give Us a Wink
It's been a while since I posted a Raccoons screencap, hasn't it? Well, I won't be posting any more for quite a while (a little heads-up-I've found another series that I am going to start posting screencaps of very soon, so keep your eyes out for that), but I figured it would be nice to post one more up for old times' sake. So here is probably my favorite screencap of my favorite character, Melissa Raccoon! :) (Those of you who've been following me a while might remember this from my first collage I made of her...)

This is from Season 1's "Rumours". The whole episode has been leading up to the alleged arrival of the King and Queen in the Evergreen Forest, but as Bert, Cedric, Sophia, Cyril, and the Pigs ultimately end up finding out, it was only part of a play at the Forest Bowl. Ralph and Melissa are the leading characters who put on the play...and for whatever reason, they're dressed up as Robin Hood and Maid Marian, respectively (in costumes obviously inspired by the '73 Disney movie-Melissa's in particular is a very obvious homage). Cyril showed up in armor expecting to receive his knighthood and restore honor to the Sneer family...but instead ends up making a total boob out of himself on stage. He tries to play along, but ends up tripping and falling, causing the whole audience to uproar with laughter. Here, Melissa gives the old aardvark a wink as she asks him if he's brought a gift to commemorate the arrival of the royal family. Cyril ends up making a bigger ass out of himself when he realizes the "great treasure" he went to the effort to swipe from Bert was just his peanut butter! :D

A very cute little moment, honestly I think this might be the cutest Melissa moment in the whole series :aww: She does make for an adorable Maid Marian, doesn't she? (Although the play seems to have nothing to do with Robin Hood...) I think you can see why I thought this was good enough to include in a collage all those years ago :) (Gosh, has it really been half-a-decade since I got into this show?)

The Raccoons (C) Skywriter Media & Entertainment Group
Alright, I wasn't exactly intending on posting a new journal the day after my birthday...but today I ended up getting a late birthday gift from my parents that came as such a surprise, I felt I needed to tell you all about it! :D

As you might know from some pictures and other information I've given out, we have 3 dogs. One Olde English Bulldogge, a Scottish Terrier, and a big, (admittedly) intimidating American Bulldog. For quite a while, though, I've wanted to have a new dog in the household. I guess I kinda got used to having four dogs over the years (since we had four for many years)...but I seem to have taken quite a shine to bulldogs, and I've off-and-on mentioned to them that I would like to have another one. They would sometimes play jokes on me by buying toy plush bulldogs for the holidays :D

Well, last night, my father was looking up dogs online (as he so often does-let's just say it's quite a hobby of his)...and he found some Olde English Bulldogges for sale in a town about 30 miles from where I live. He showed me a picture of a puppy that looked a lot like our own OEB...but I didn't really think anything of it.

Later, while I was at my job at the local country club earlier today, my father called me to say he and my mother were going out to town to eat. So imagine my surprise when they came home a little while after I arrived home myself and my father told me to go out to the car to help my mother. And imagine the shock when I saw what she had in her lap...!

Yes, that's right. My parents bought a new bulldog puppy for my birthday. Another OEB, 12 weeks old and has already had some of her shots. She cost $800, quite a bit more than any of our other dogs cost, but I think she will be more than worth that money :) As I said, she looks quite similar to our other bulldog-brindle, with tiger stripes on the back. Three big differences between them are A. She has a longer stubby tail B. She has a brown ear and C. She doesn't have a blue eye. She is a cute little thing, let me say! :aww:

We've already given her a name, Sandy. Our other bulldog seems to already have taken quite a liking to her, practically shadowing her everywhere she wanders! (Our Scottie seems quite a bit less enthusiastic...) Of course, it will take a little while to get her house-trained (though buying her when she's 3 months old and had a bit more time to possibly get a bit of training with her original owners), but I think Sandy will do just fine once she learns. I just hope she isn't as much of a chewer as our other bulldog was :D

Well, this was certainly quite a surprise-needless to say, I'm still kind of shocked they actually bought a new bulldog! But quite a welcome one :)
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Bryan E.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
A few little random factoids about me:
Birthday: April 1, 1992 (I really AM an April Fool's Day joke!)
Birthplace: Oakland Naval Hospital, Oakland, CA (I just looked it up and it no longer exists. Huh.)
Hometown: Visalia, CA
Current residence: Somewhereland, SC (will not reveal real town name)
Where would I ideally like to live: Somewhere in Virginia (I've been through there before. Some really beautiful country there! What can I say, I'm a fool for the country (sorry Foghat))

I am a mysterious enigma of the Internet...

I am a strange human being indeed. My three main interests are cartoons, classic rock, and motorsports. I told you I was weird.

I'm a semi-accomplished writer. Still trying to work on getting better...

Just one note: Although I appreciate positive feedback on my stories, please, do not request me to write anything for you. Due to my past experience with requests, I do NOT accept them under any circumstances. I MAY take ideas and suggestions to be used WITHIN stories, but if you request me to write a specific story for you, I will say no, no matter how nicely you ask me to do it for you. Really, I feel more comfortable writing what I want to write over what other people might want me to write. I am also willing to accept constructive criticism of my stories, but any and all flames of my stories will be removed. I really do not wish to read those.

Also I'm named after...Bryan Adams. I feel ashamed...

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